Information On Weddings

Christian marriage

Ministers of the Church of Scotland are authorised to perform marriages.

One of the most often asked questions with regards to marriage is ‘Do I need to be a member of the church to get married in Church?’ The answer is: ‘No’. The Church does not regard marriage as a sacrament and so ministers are free to marry people who are not members of the Church of Scotland. Ministers are also permitted to marry people at locations outwith churches (but within Scotland).

It is important to agree a date with the minister before making any other arrangements to ensure that both he and the church are available. He will advise on the legal requirements; however, the Council web site for the area covering the location of the wedding will also provide guidance of the legal requirements. For wedding in any of the three buildings of Strathaven Trinity, the Council is South Lanarkshire.

There is no fee for the use of the church – only a small fee for the organist and church officer.

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