The Kirk Session is delighted to announce two appointments to the congregation.

Youth/Children’s Worker
Miss Shannon Quammie has been appointed to the post of Youth/Children’s Worker. Shannon is a member of St Margaret’s Parish Church in Motherwell and will be working with us for 2.5 days per week. While Shannon’s role does not necessarily include a Sunday morning, we hope she will soon become recognised by the congregation.

Pastoral Assistant
The Rev Cliff Jackson has been appointed as Pastoral Assistant on the basis of 1.5 days per week and will take up the role on the 1st October. Cliff has conducted pulpit supply in Trinity and, before the union, in East and Glassford Parish Churches. In anticipation of his starting, the minister is drawing up a list of those who would appreciate a visit from one of the ministers or (as you will read in the October Connections) from a member of the pastoral care team. Please pass any names on to the minister.

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