BB-Boys Know the Way

On Friday the 11th of May, 1st Strathaven Boys’ Brigade undertook their first camp in 20 years. We didn’t go far- just down to Muirkirk.

After a wet and windy tent setup (while the youngest took cover) we had our first meal of the weekend together- one of the boys rated it the best spag bol ever! Games and supper before "off to bed".

Saturday morning was a refresher on map and compass navigation (which we had been focusing on for a number of weeks prior to the camp). We then set out to walk up the Cairn Table. A 370m climb later, to a peak of 593m, all made it to the summit, with stragglers encouraging each other. A break for lunch at the top and some sightseeing on a lovely sunny day before we began our descent (after finding the spring near the top, as a navigation exercise and for some clear spring water). A slightly longer route was chosen home and we covered around 10km that day (that’s about 6 miles in old money). 

Sunday began with breakfast followed by our Bible lesson on Jesus in the wilderness (artistic licence around the comparison of wilderness). We then packed up camp (it is amazing how much stuff you end up taking for a weekend) and headed to the woods above Muirkirk for 7km (4.5 miles) of compass and map navigation. We were delighted to see the boys showing impressive practical application of their lessons.  Tired boys and officers were all back home in time for dinner and a good night's sleep in their own beds.

Here’s to next year and plans for going further afield!

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