Bigger Picture

For all of you who have heard about the Bigger Picture but really don’t know what it is all about, here is a short description.

On Monday lunchtime during the school term time, we run a sort of “lunch club” for any of the Academy pupils who want somewhere dry, friendly and safe to spend their lunch period. They can come along, (buy cheese toasties if they wish) and have some free hot chocolate, juice and a biscuit or 2, while watching a film - usually “The Simpsons”.

No-one is excluded; everyone gets the same amount of attention and all are treated equally.
The numbers attending fluctuate because that is the nature of youngsters but some come back every week, (we like to think it’s our sparkly repartee that brings them back but it’s probably “The Simpsons” and a warm, dry hall). We have had very small numbers but we have also had over 50 young folk coming along for lunch. The usual number is mid-40's.

Some bring their own lunch and join their friends for a chat; watch a film; do homework and generally enjoy the fun. However for all this to happen, there has to be a dedicated team to “cook” the toasties; make the chocolate; put up the tables; take orders; wash the dishes and set up the film. If you have a spare couple of hours on Monday lunchtimes, we would be very grateful of your help.

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