As was mentioned last year were have been planning to install public access defibrillators at each of our church buildings and steps have been taken to take this project forward.

Since we began to investigate installing defibrillators, the community of Glassford have had one installed at the Community Hall (next door to the church) and so we will review the need for an additional one at the church.

'Public Access Defibrillator' simply means that the defibrillator can be accessed 24/7 by any member of the public. In our case they will be located on an outside wall and registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service. Anyone who dials 999 will be informed of the nearest defibrillator, and of the code to gain access to the cabinet.

The defibrillators have been recommended by the British Heart Foundation and are fully automatic. That said, it is a very daunting thought that we may be called upon to use one. Therefore, we are setting up some training sessions for anyone who wishes to come along and learn how to use a defibrillator and what other things we should do while waiting for medical help to arrive.

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