Smartie Power

Here is a sweet secret known only to a few! At the main door of each of the Trinity buildings you will find a full tube of Smarties. These tubes disappear for a time and then mysteriously reappear filled with 20 pences or sometimes even £1 coins! When they come back another tube full of the sweets disappears again and so it goes on.

“But what happens to the mysterious 20 pences?” I hear you ask.

Well, through Smartie Power for many years now some of the congregation have been supporting the Interserve organisation and Dr Marian Morrison, Director of the Woman’s Christian Hospital (WCH) in Multan, Pakistan. This has not only helped support Dr Morrison in this voluntary unpaid role but also allowed us to support various initiatives for staff and students including midwife transport and student trips. Last year over £1500 was raised this way - more than double the previous year - and we hope during this first year of the new Strathaven: Trinity that we can exceed even this figure thanks to all your sweet teeth! This is a really worthwhile cause and just shows what good can be achieved through such a small thing as a tube of Smarties.

The Woman’s Christian Hospital in Multan has been ministering to the needs of women and children for over 100 years. It has been a place of both professional and spiritual growth for many women from the communities of Pakistan. Please remember to pray for the teaching staff, the administrative staff and the students alike as they offer medical and nursing aid to women in Pakistan… and treat yourself to a few Smarties in the process.

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