Strathaven Trinity

It is almost 18 months since the first meeting of representatives from the East, Rankin, Glassford and Chapelton Churches took place.   A Presbytery team also attended this meeting but the local Church folk decided to continue discussions on their own.

As the meetings progressed it became clearer as to the most suitable way forward and the business was conducted very amicably and with a genuine attempt to make it work.

An elder’s conference was held in Chapelton to hear about the Unitary Constitution and was well attended by all four Kirk Sessions.
Many tasks were carried out between meetings with a view to ascertain correct procedures etc for a union of four Churches. All major decisions have now been made and the four congregations are ready to celebrate coming together as Strathaven:Trinity.

Special mention must be made of the Minister’s dedication and commitment to bringing together the four congregations. Perhaps other Churches facing a multiple Union could benefit from our experiences.

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