Organisation Annual Reports 2018/2019

Badminton Club

The club is for adults only (over 16) and we meet most Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m in the large hall (Trinity Strathaven). We are still struggling with a lack of numbers although we usually manage between 2 to 5 players and several people have indicated that they intend returning.

Badminton can be fairly energetic but we tend to play at a recreational rather than competitive level and exercise is good for you. If anyone would like to come along to play (or learn to play) badminton they would be made welcome.

Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is held on Monday lunchtime for young folk from Strathaven Academy. They come for lunch of cheese toasties; hot chocolate; juice and biscuits (can you think of anything more exciting!). While eating, the youngsters watch a short film - usually The Simpsons!

Whilst the young people pay for the toasties, the rest is free. This is not a money-making activity; more a safe place to spend some time and an introduction to the Church. It is difficult to gauge how many young persons will turn up each Monday but normally there
are 24-30 each week.


It is very pleasing that the Trinity Strathaven choir strength is a at total of 20 with very welcome new members in soprano, contralto, tenor and bass sections. The sectional strengths for introits now stands at: 7 sopranos, 6 contraltos, one tenor and 6 bass.
Over the 12 months to 10 February, in addition to leading the congregational singing on a Sunday, the choir has rendered 42 introits including 14 that were new to the choir.

Sunday attendances over the year have again been hit by illness, injury, family commitments and holidays. The average attendance in the 12 months to mid-February was 86%, an improvement from the 80% over the previous 12 months. As has been stated previously, absences lead not only to musical balance problems in the presentation of the introit on the affected Sundays, (in the worst case a necessary change to the scheduled introit) but also to loss of practice time for forthcoming introits.

We are looking forward once again to increasing our membership, especially but not exclusively in the tenor section. That would enable us to render introits with 4-part harmony.

Planning of future choir introits is well advanced with the whole of 2019 and 2020 introits having been scheduled. These include 13 introits new to the choir; so hard but enjoyable work remains ahead. We are a happy bunch of people who enjoy making music and if
anyone would like to join us, just come along to our 40-minute rehearsal at 10am on a Sunday morning. You will be made most welcome.

Flower Fund

This past year has seen a notable change in the flower calendar due to the union of churches in May 2018 and the subsequent need to merge the calendars from the East and Rankin Churches. Many of the Sundays will now have two names against them. Certain dates are obviously significant to some of our members and simply merging the two calendars was felt to be the most appropriate way to deal with this matter. We would like to thank our members for their cooperation during the transition.

We have been fortunate again to have the flower calendar fully subscribed both pre and post union. We are only able to do this with the generous donations people make to the flower fund so a big thank you must go to all those who make a contribution.

The flower fund generally works on a break-even basis throughout the year. However, the accounts for 2018 show that donations exceeded our purchases by about £50. Prior to the union in May, the Rankin flower fund had a surplus of £350. After the union there was a balance of £397.57 received from the East Church funds. It was felt appropriate at this point to open a bank account named Strathaven Trinity Flower Fund which holds a balance of just under £600. The remaining funds are held as petty cash allowing us to make flower purchases each week. The funds are used not only to purchase the flowers but also the items required to make the arrangements such as floral foam and other accessories. It also allows us to decorate the church for the Harvest Service and during Advent and Christmas. This year we have also been able to incorporate some of the decorations from The East Church.

The flowers not only decorate the church each week but are then distributed to members of the congregation and the wider community. Over the past year we have made in excess of 100 visits to the homes of our members and this is a much appreciated and valuable part of pastoral care within the church.

As usual we are indebted to our small team of volunteers who help arrange and then distribute the flowers each week. Thanks must also go to the team of volunteers who help decorate the church at Harvest and Christmas. Their help makes the task much more manageable and enjoyable. If anyone wishes to get involved with arranging or distributing the flowers, we would be delighted to hear from you.

For 2019 we are again fortunate to have a fully subscribed flower calendar. However, if anyone wishes to place flowers in the church for a particular occasion during the year this can easily be arranged by speaking to either of the flower conveners.

The Guild

There are 68 members in our Guild, six of them first time members. We meet every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from September to March. Some meetings are held in the afternoon in Glassford and Chapelton and the evening ones usually held in Lethame Road. We have been pleased with the attendances.

We had an outing to MacArthur Glen in November and will have a Coffee Morning with stalls in April to raise funds. There is a Summer Outing in May which this year is going to Stirling.We started off our session with some musical entertainment. We have had some thought-provoking speakers including from Playlist for Life and The Sailors’ Society, Life Savers Scotland and Our last speaker this session is from the Free to Live Trust.

Speakers, fellowship and hospitality have been enjoyed at our neighbouring Guilds of St Ninian’s in Stonehouse, Drumclog and Avendale. Friendships were renewed at the World Day of Prayer service in Avendale where all the churches in Strathaven took part including St Patrick’s, Evangelical, Outreach and Drumclog.

The Quiz night, held in Chapelton, was a happy evening and supper afterwards was also enjoyed. Christmas Lunch, held in the Strathaven Bowling Club, was well attended and much enjoyed.

The Scots Night in January went ahead despite the snowy weather. A poem, ‘The Ballad of a Christening’ by W D Cocker was recited after which a local musical group delighted us with music and songs. The supper that evening consisted of clootie dumpling, pancakes and shortbread.

Thanks go to our pianists for playing to accompany our hymns at Lethame Road and Glassford. Thank you also to a very willing and hard-working committee plus lots of other helpers in the kitchen and in setting the hall for our meetings.

Keep Fit

The Keep Fit class meets on Monday nights in the Lethame Road East Hall. This is not a high impact class and the emphasis is on maintaining fitness. 

We do some aerobic exercise in the form of Scottish Country dancing; some exercises working from neck and shoulders down to ankle joints and finish off relaxing to a nice piece of music.

Kids Klub

It is pleasing to report that Trinity Kids Klub continues to be popular with the younger members of the Lethame Road Congregation. We meet when the Sunday School is on holiday and the children enjoy crafts and games in the large hall or, if the weather is fine, we might visit the park.

Although there is a reasonable pool of volunteers to call upon for help, new helpers would be made most welcome, even for just one or two Sundays per year. Because of the time scale necessary to undergo Child Protection procedures, now is a good time to consider volunteering.

A big Thank You must be extended to all the willing helpers who join in with the fun and games and we look forward to their continuing support.

Men’s Coffee Group

The Group was formed about twenty years ago in the East Kirk and has continued to thrive since the Union with the addition of former Rankin members. Meetings are held in the Rankin Room (upstairs in the hall) on Wednesday mornings between 10.30am and 12 noon for coffee/tea and a chat. There are now around 25 members attending and all men are welcome. Members can come and go for all or part of the time as suits.

Excess funds from the token weekly contributions made by the members allow donations to be made to various charities. In 2018, £200 was paid out to Christian Aid, as well as £200 to Trinity Church funds.

An annual Summer Outing is held and in May last year the party went by mini-bus for an enjoyable visit to the Devil’s Porridge Museum in Annan. The members also meet annually for a Christmas lunch.

Rankin File

Due to an extremely sad and unexpected family bereavement, one of the cast members of the Rankin File spring play Alice’s Adventures in the New World had to withdraw. After discussion, it was decided to postpone rather than cancel the play. This meant that the group’s first outing in the session 18-19 was participation in the annual Gala Day. The float’s theme was the incredibly popular film The Greatest Showman. The play was performed in September and was very well received. Following hot on its heels the group performed an evening of songs from the 60’s and was again well received and supported.

The 2018 pantomime Beauty Consultant from the East played to full houses in the last week of November and saw almost 500 people passed through the church hall door in that week.

At the start of 2019, the group put on their Burns Show in the Town Mill. Inclusive of a ‘dram’ and a light supper, the audience were treated to an evening of songs and poetry from Scotland’s national Bard.

The group, whilst healthy enough in numbers, does suffer from a shortage of male participants. However, with planning already in place for 2020 this hurdle will not prove detrimental to the group.

As with any group, Rankin File depends on and is grateful for all the support it receives fromthe organisations who step out to allow the pantomime to go on, to the people who assist with transport, to the people who buy tickets and to anyone giving us a costume. All of it is greatly appreciated and allows us to creep nearer to our 50th anniversary in a couple of years’ time.

Sunday Crèche

The church crèche service for 0-3 year olds is available every Sunday in the East hall during the church service, 11am-12noon. The crèche is run by volunteers. We have 10 names on the list at present – all of whom are mothers of children at crèche and/or Sunday school. PVG membership is in place for 8 of the volunteers and is currently being processed for the remaining two (both of whom have a PVG certificate with other organisations).

There has been a trend over the past few years where all children coming into crèchefollowing the children’s address in church are accompanied by one of their parents. There has been no occasion in the last 12 months where children have been left in the sole care of crèche volunteers. As a result of this and also because of reduced availability ofvolunteers, the choice has been made to place only one volunteer in crèche per Sunday. This will lessen the commitment required per volunteer over the course of the year. In the unlikely event of a parent or guardian wishing to leave their child in crèche while they attend the church service, all volunteers are aware of the process to follow. This would include seeking out a fellow crèche volunteer for assistance or requesting help from the Sunday School staff.

The crèche has recently purchased some new toys to the value of £97. These included a soft ball play-pit, a ride on car, an activity cube, an etch-a-sketch and an aqua floor drawing mat. The creche have donated some toys and books in a good condition to Glassford.

Sunday Schools

As part of the Trinity Church, there are 3 Sunday Schools – one in the Lethame Road building, Strathaven, one in Chapelton and one in Glassford. We share planning ideas and are beginning to organise events at key times in the calendar where all 3 Sunday Schools can join together.

At Christmas time, all 3 Sunday Schools were invited to the party and movie night in the Lethame Road building. On Easter Sunday, Strathaven are organising a fun day after the service where all Sunday Schools have been invited to attend and the Sunday School trip, open to all 3 Sunday Schools is on Sunday 19 May. Before the Sunday Schools break up for the summer there will be a fun day for the children which will be open to all 3 Sunday schools. The joining together of all 3 Sunday Schoois is something on which we will continue to work.

In the Lethame Road building the Sunday School continues to be very well attended. There is a roll of 40 children, with between 25-35 children in attendance each week. Activities are planned on termly basis, with a theme chosen and a variety of different types of activities planned. There are 6 leaders who share the planning and preparation of activities. The children showcase their learning throughout the year – with special family services or activity days organised at key times in the church calendar. This is usually at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Summer.

We have Christmas parties/events for all children and have a prize giving service on the last Sunday before breaking up for the summer holiday. This also involves a fun day for the children with food, games and a bouncy castle. We organise a Sunday school trip, which, this year, will be to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

This year, the children have worked on various activities linked to the themes of ‘Shining your Light’ and the Ten Commandments. They will continue the theme of the 10 Commandments in the summer term. The children were part of the family service last Harvest where they sang and performed a story telling session and they all took part in our Christmas Nativity play.

For Easter Sunday, the Sunday school are organising lots of activities for the children to learn the Easter story and the children will also be organised in preparing activities to bring to the congregation after the service. The prize giving service will be on 23 June with the children performing their learning on the Ten Commandments before enjoying a summer party.

Chapelton Sunday School has 5 children attending regularly with 2-4 other children occasionally. There are 10 volunteers on the rota. The children joined with the Girls Brigade at Christmas to perform the Nativity. It was very kind to be invited by Strathaven to the summer and Christmas parties but unfortunately none of the children was free to attend however hopefully next year will be able to do this.

Strathaven have kindly shared some of their programme. We have not yet managed to
coordinate the lessons due to the low number of children and the weekly change of teacher.

Glassford Sunday School was set up at the end of October last year. The hope would be that a rota system of helpers, similar to that used in Chapelton, would be devised in the long term. The Sunday School has 2 girls in Primary 5 and 2 girls aged 3 who attend most Sunday mornings. There have been enquires about the setup of a creche and interest from some other parents about extended family attending the Sunday School at times. The Sunday School follows the same programme of work that is planned for Strathaven and the children are informed of the wider events that areoccurring.

Young Worshippers League

Young Worshippers League is for young people who attend Church before Sunday School. At the end of the year they get a book as a prize to say thank you for attending. We need to keep young people in the Church and this is one small way of encouraging them. At prize giving this year there were 57 books given out as opposed to 43 last year. 

Youth Group

The Youth Group is flourishing. We have a few new members since the union and everyone seems to be settling in well. We are following the same programme as the Sunday School but looking into each subject in more depth - a more adult approach.

The young people are able and willing to discuss/share/argue their point of view verysuccessfully and this makes for lively meetings.

1st Strathaven Boys’ Brigade

With the amalgamation of the East and Rankin Churches, all three sections are meeting on a Thursday evening in the same church for the first time.

Our younger group, the Anchor Boys, have maintained the increase in numbers shown last year and have 14 regular members.

Junior Section have benefited from the 4 boys who were promoted from the Anchors resulting in bringing their numbers up to 10.

Company Section meet later on a Thursday evening. Numbers have been boosted by the recruiting of 3 new members bring the total to 7. For the first time in around twenty years, this section had a weekend camp last summer and are planning to have another camp later this summer. Two of our boys are travelling to Switzerland along with the Uddingston Boys’ Brigade Company for their summer camp.

The Junior and Company Sections continue to be an active part of the Hamilton Battalion. Again, we would appeal to any church member who would be interested in sharing their hobby or experiences with us any Thursday evening, to assist in maintaining the Object of our movement i.e. The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among boys and the promotion of
habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.


We have 26 girls on our register at present which is a marvellous number and its pleasing to see the numbers grow every year.
This year our theme was colours. We learned about Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat, made smartie cookies, tasted different coloured foods, made lots of colourful crafts and sang songs with colours in them.

Our next outing will be to take the girls to Blair Drummond Safari Park just after the start of the new session in August.

It is hoped that the Company will continue to grow from strength to strength.

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