Trinity History

In the Hamilton Presbytery Plan of February 2013, the staffing level required for Strathaven was set at two ministers plus 0.5 of a Presbytery Parish Worker (PPW).

One of these ministers would be at Avondale Old Parish Church which has two places of worship: Kirk Street, Strathaven and Drumclog.

The other minister along with the 0.5 PPW would be available for a union between the East Parish Church linked with Glassford Pariish Church and Rankin Parish Church linked with Chapelton Parish Church. Following extensive discussions it was overwhelmingly agreed by those four congregations that a union should take place resulting in Strathaven:Trinity Parish Church being formed having three places of worship - Strathaven (Lethame Road), Chapelton and Glassford. Sadly, the East Church building would close as a result. The first service of the new Trinity Parish Church would be a joint one and would be held in the Strathaven building on 27 May 2018.

A short history of the East Parish Church up to the point of closure is included under this Trinity heading. Under the heading of Strathaven, a short history of Rankin Church is presented to the point of the Union and short histories of Chapelton and of Glassford Churches are also presented under their respective headings.

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